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1899 New Richmond Cyclone


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Bell-Tierney Farmstead
is Hub of Heritage Center

Once a classic farm of the New Richmond area, its land now hosts a housing development, an industrial park, and the sweep of a schoolyard. You can move on from the original Farmstead setting to other historic buildings.

These combine to give a "feel" of turn-of-the-19th century life and more. The farmstead core of Victorian house and granary, both built in 1884, and barn, rebuilt in 1916, are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In nearly one hundred years only two families have lived in the house. The original family was that of Marcus and Kathryn Bell, and from 1910, that of Ed and Catherine Tierney. In 1982, after estate settlement, development of the property into a complex of historic buildings began.


Log Barn

Now used for the Heritage Center blacksmith
and carpenter tool collections, the barn was
originally one of the outbuildings of a farm
east of New Richmond. Blacksmith and woodworking shops were some
of a pioneer village's first businesses.


    Camp 9 School
Originally sited near Glenwood City, it was built in 1902 to serve the children of logging Camp Nine. This one-room school is paired with one of its old outhouses.


Ubet Store

Built in 1933, it was the center of the tiny town of Ubet. The wainscoting interior is original, as is the painted shelving which is stocked with what a general store would have sold to the rural community of the time.


    Norwegian Cabin
This small building, built by immigrants in 1887 in Reeve, served other immigrants, too, as a lodging until they could build their own.

A "new" building designed to look like an "old" farm machine shed, the Pavilion serves a dual purpose as meeting place and permanent display room. Farm tools and machinery line the walls and there is a permanent display of the June 12, 1899 cyclone that leveled New Richmond
(still  listed as  Wisconsin's

  worst tornado).


    Northside House
As the family grew, the house grew, too, built in two sections in 1890 and 1894. Hard-working Scandinavians lived on the "northside" of New Richmond and kept the flour and saw mills running. Heritage Center's office is here. Display rooms feature original owner's furnishings

Heritage Church
The Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, built in 1891 in Superior, is a typical rural church.
In early pioneer communities, a church and school were the next buildings built after the home cabins and barns. Walk the grounds as you wish; all the buildings have mini-histories posted outside. Or, stop at the Northside House office and ask for a fee-guided tour which includes inside the buildings. Turn the kids loose to wear off some energy on the 11-acre Paperjack Greenway trails. Visit and enjoy. You are so welcome!



History Shed

The interior of this  new building houses a combination of communications and transportation artifacts and memorabilia the museum has collected.

Facility Rental Information


(click for a look inside)


The Bell-Tierney Farmhouse, built in 1884, can be used for many occasions.  This beautiful setting could be the perfect, elegant setting for your special event.  Small weddings, bridal showers, receptions, adult birthday parties, family gatherings, a special tea or luncheon, even a holiday party.  A unique meeting place for many occasions!  The Farmhouse is both heated and air-conditioned so can be used year around. It is filled with museum artifacts that represent the New Richmond area over the past 150+ years so has built-in entertainment of a very distinctive type.  


The farmhouse can be set up to seat up to 55 people on the first floor for a sit down meal.  An open house style event can be more flexible.  Please keep in mind this is a house, so those diners would be spread throughout several rooms with different types of tables and chairs to accommodate them.  There is a steep, but functional, ramp at the kitchen door for better access for visitors with walkers and wheelchairs.  There is one bathroom on the first floor and a second one on the upper floor.

$250 per day

($25 per day for non-profit organizations)


  • An additional $40 is required if the renter chooses to use the dinnerware, serving pieces, silver and linens that are available in the farmhouse.  Renter is responsible for washing and putting away all items with the exception of linens.  Linens will be cleaned by the Heritage Center.  Some of the items available for use in the farmhouse are: full dinner settings for over 75, punch bowls and cups, large coffeepots.
  • If set-up or rehearsal time is needed the evening prior to your rental event, there is an extra $50 fee if that date is available.  This must be arranged in advance as it will need to be included on the schedule


(click for a look inside)


This modern example of an old machine shed makes a wonderful location for events such as graduation parties, wedding receptions, family reunions, and other programs.  The Pavilion showcases some of the sturdier, farming and lumber artifacts but leaves the main, central part of the building, open for organizing your event your way. 

The Pavilion can seat 120 people at one sitting and an open house can be much more flexible. There are eleven banquet tables and 120 chairs for your use. The picnic tables on the patio can be used.  There are separate men’s and women’s bathrooms and a utility kitchen with range, refrigerator, microwave and a restaurant-style sink. The Pavilion is wheelchair accessible.

$300 per day

($25 per day for non-profit organizations)


The Pavilion is available to rent from May through October.



  • For an additional $40 user fee there is dinnerware, flatware, cups and serving pieces for 100 is available.  Renter is responsible for washing and putting away all items. 
  • If set-up or rehearsal time is needed the evening prior to your rental event, there is an extra $50 fee if that date is available.  This must be arranged in advance as it will need to be included on the schedule.

Business Seminar

The “Pavilion” is used as a meeting room for 100 people, with large

overhead screen and Wi-Fi available,

rest rooms and kitchen.

$50 per day

AmericInn Motel  next door


(click for a look inside)


The Heritage Church, originally built in 1891, has seen its share of weddings, baptisms and funerals while in use by its congregation in Superior, WI.  Since being moved to the Heritage Center it has continued as a place for weddings, funerals, baptisms, worship service and even as a unique venue for a craft sale.  This multi-purpose building is perfect for an event where seating 120+ people while having space to present the program is needed.  The church is very comfortable in the spring, summer and fall but it is not heated for winter use.  When you rent the Church you also have the use of the restrooms in the Pavilion during your event.  The Church has four wide wood steps for access.  Use of the bells in the tower is encouraged. 

$150 per day includes use of Pavilion restrooms

($25 per day for non-profit organizations)



  • If set-up or rehearsal time is needed the evening prior to your rental event, there is an extra $50 fee if that date is available.  This must be arranged in advance as it will need to be included on the schedule.


A wonderful natural setting for an outdoor wedding-with the Paperjack Greenway as your backdrop and lush green grass surrounding it. The Bandstand is included when renting the Grounds.



$150 per function for individuals/businesses to use the grounds.
Price does not include a tent

(which you provide or rent and have installed if you want)

$100 per function if another building is rented

The Heritage Center a wedding destination place as featured in

Minnesota Bride Magazine fall 2011 edition.

Before filling out your rental agreement please call us 

to make certain that the date you want to book for is open.


Rental Contract & Policy (PDF)


  New Richmond Heritage Center
1100 Heritage Drive
New Richmond, WI 54017
Phone: 715-246-3276

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